Crowdfunding Case Studies


We've raised over $20M+ directly for our crowdfunding clients, gaining unprecedented press coverage for our clients.


Absolut Hangsmart

In collaboration with Absolut Art & Pernod Ricard

Launch Date: April 2017        

Raised: $75,000    

Units Sold: 5000+

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Evelyn & Bobbie

The Everyday Bustier™

Launch Date: May 2017         

Raised: $407,853

Units Sold: 2190

buddy indiegogo campaign


Your Family's Social Robot

Launch Date: June 2015          

Raised: $617,000      

Units Sold: 1000+


Your Personal Home Healthcare Robot

Launch Date: June 2016      

Raised: $101,000    

Units Sold: 275


Hello Ear ARC

Custom Made Earphones Made to Fit Your Ears

Launch Date: November 2016

Raised: $290,000

Units Sold: 2441



Charge Your Phone in Half the Time

Launch Date: January 2015

Raised: $565,000

Units Sold: 13,800



BUDDY had been in development for a few years and Blue Frog Robotics were ready to validate their idea in the marketplace.

During pre-campaign we worked closely with the team from their offices in Paris. We wrote all English copy, generated leads and pre-pitched the media.

In Berlin, we represented BUDDY at Tech Open Air, giving product demos, introducing the founders to the press, scheduling interviews and the occasional dance party. 

We then brought BUDDY to London to meet over 100+ pre-registered members of the press (including BBC, Business Insider, IB Times) at our BUDDY x WeWork event.  

The campaign was extended an extra month by Indiegogo to keep up with demand and allow for a US tour.

what the press HAS to say about buddy


An advance in the progression of agents from Siri to Amazon Echo
Why social robots could be coming soon to a home near you
Human-like robots could be the next big platform

BBC Click's Dan Simmons went to meet Buddy who wasn't in the mood to talk to everyone!


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When OMATA wanted to break into the cycling market and challenge the global leader in this category they turned to us.

We framed out a strategic workshop in order to get the strategy dialled which helped define their communications roadmap as well as how they talked about the product and brand. This extensive workshop allowed both teams to have a strategic roadmap and set the milestones for success.

OMATA launched on Kickstarter and our team was responsible for global communications. We had 30 days in order for OMATA to get funded.

We placed the product on literally every cycling, tech and lifestyle site, from Uncrate, Mashable, TechCrunch, Wired, Cool Hunting to name just a few, in fact, we placed OMATA in over 200 outlets.




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Pillo approached us in New York in March 2016.

We worked closely with the entire Pillo team and their partners to craft perfect content for the Pillo campaign. 

We travelled to Genoa, Italy to meet their incredible engineering team and utilised the latest and greatest growth hacking methods to grow demand for Pillo in the pre-campaign stage.

We are delighted to have Pillo as a client, having worked so closely with their team for so long. 





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When a small mobile phone accessory company approached us to conduct their entire crowdfunding campaign, we immediately saw the potential in their new product, Sonicable.

Sonicable wanted to raise $10,000 to mass produce their innovative charging cable, which offered charging speeds of up to twice as fast as regular USB cables, by adding a switch, which turns off outgoing data transmission, meaning the phone can charge at full speed.

With a very strong pre-campaign, we launched on Indiegogo - and what happened next blew everyone away; we raised $100,000 in day one, smashing our target 10x over.

In the proceeding four weeks, we had press coverage from CNN News, Wired and The Daily Mail to name but a few of the 350+ pieces of coverage we received, raising over $565,000, 3716% of the goal, with over 13,700 units sold worldwide in just four weeks.



sonicable was featured in...


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