Crowdfunding Case Studies


We've raised over $10M+ directly for our crowdfunding clients, gaining unprecedented press coverage for our clients.


Absolut Hangsmart

In collaboration with Absolut Art & Pernod Ricard

Launch Date: April 2017        

Raised: $75,000    

Units Sold: 5000+

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 17.18.51.png

Evelyn & Bobbie

The Everyday Bustier™

Launch Date: May 2017         

Raised: $407,853

Units Sold: 2190

buddy indiegogo campaign


Your Family's Social Robot

Launch Date: June 2015          

Raised: $617,000      

Units Sold: 1000+


Hello Ear ARC

Custom Made Earphones Made to Fit Your Ears

Launch Date: November 2016

Raised: $290,000

Units Sold: 2441


Your Personal Home Healthcare Robot

Launch Date: June 2016      

Raised: $101,000    

Units Sold: 275



Charge Your Phone in Half the Time

Launch Date: January 2015

Raised: $565,000

Units Sold: 13,800