Equity Crowdfunding

Invest in the companies you love & help them grow.

Founded in London, Blazon PR has been working with micro-investment and equity crowdfunding campaigns and platforms since 2013.

2016 is a huge year for us, and we're ready to take our Agency to the next level, offering our premium services to the newly formed Equity Crowdfunding market in the US.


Equity crowdfunding allows you to raise capital from the crowd, and have complete control over your business.

The Crowd

Raise money from a network of early adopters, enthusiasts and individuals who have faith in your ability to build a game-changing business.

Complete Control 

Raise capital, but maintain control over your own company.

network support

Instead of one or two Investors, Equity Crowdfunding opens your investment channels to tens, hundreds, or even thousands of micro-investors, meaning your initial network of influencers and brand ambassadors are ready and willing to spread the word and build initial traction. 


Equity Crowdfunding gives you the ability to invest in the companies you love.  

Invest in real people and real ideas

Own a stake in a local business, a friend's company, or own part of an idea that you truly believe in. You now have the ability to own the ideas you love.

help bring success

Whether you help out with ideas, connections or simply telling your friends about your new venture, equity crowdfunding is an new, exciting and incredibly rewarding way to invest your money. 

Saftey guarenteed 

All companies on our partner platforms have full due diligence, so you know your money is safe, with transparency and updates throughout the businesses' journey with your investment.